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September 7th, 2002: Week 1 of Coquina Juniors 2
Games/Series 126, 236, 158: 520
Total Score: 520
Rating: Reasonable
Average: 173.333
Team Rating, Wins-Losses: Overpowered, 1-3
Team Total Wins-Losses, Place: 1-3, 6th/6, 2 gms behind 1st
Bringing back all of my starters from last year's championship team, my team
started off against a possible contending team. And as the hard rule applies
(in Week 1 only), "beat them scratch," my team didn't have what it took as my
opponents shot 1,000+ pins scratch in the first game and my team just wasn't
able to make up the deficit.

My consistency wasn't much better than my team's effort, but I really flourished
in Game 2. In preparing for the season-opener, I was able to bowl 6 strikes in a
row twice -- obviously not in the same game, but about 10 games apart. And that
was without a ring finger grip in my LT48.

The same was said for this game.

Spare, open, spare, then I just unleashed all I had with not 4, but 6 strikes
in a row. I added another strike in the 3rd ball of the 10th for a sweet 236.

Summary: Being last after one week doesn't matter to me, especially when there's
only six teams in Coquina Juniors 2. There could be more teams coming, but it'll
still be a small league. It won't keep me from trying my best to get to first place
and win some more "gold". More on that in March 2003.

The interesting stats:
It took me two games with the LT48 to do two things I couldn't do with the
Ebonite Pantera in 140 games. The two things are:

1. Bowl higher than 213 (Pantera: CJ2-2002 and Coca-Cola tournament)
2. Bowl more than 5 strikes in a row (Pantera: Coca-Cola tournament)

And the main reason that the LT48 outperforms the Pantera is that the
LT48 does NOT deflect on a solid shot, unlike the Pantera, and that's
with the LT48 weighing three pounds LIGHTER than the Pantera.

I won't try to set impossible goals, but I should be able to do MUCH
better than I did last season. Enjoy the ride!