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November 2nd, 2002: Week 9 of Coquina Juniors 2
Games/Series 144, 145, 191: 480
Total Score: 4,326
Rating: Average
Average: 160.222 (-.028)
Team Rating, Wins-Losses: Not great, 1-3
Team Total Wins-Losses, Place: 14-22, 4th/6, 8 gms behind 2nd
OK, my team finally won a series. That's a good thing. Against a forfeit?
Well..... it's better than getting dominated week in and week out by the rest
of the competition. And myself? I did much better after taking a week to do
other things rather than bowl. It worked and I bowled my best series of the
season. I can sense some shot consistency coming back, but in the heat of the
battle, when one shot can mean the difference between winning or losing, it's
difficult not to try too hard. My inconsistency has shown just that.