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This is the bowling archives page. This shows what I've done in the past.
"What I've done" archives:

Coquina Juniors 2 Youth/Adult
1997-1998 Weeks 16-23+CT 1998 Offseason, Weeks 1-12+ST
1998-1999 Weeks 1-23 1999: Weeks 1-13
1999-2000 Weeks 1-22+CT 2000: Weeks 1-12
2000-2001 Weeks 1-23+CT 2001: Weeks 1-13
2001-2002 Weeks 1-23+PA 2002: Weeks 1-12+CC

All files are in .ZIP format. All files contained within the .ZIP files
are in HTML format.

CT is for the City Tournament. ST is for the State Tournament.
PA is for Pro-Am. CC is for the Coca-Cola Tournament