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Way back in the day, I used to shine brightly, with the brightest moment
being the time when I won the high average title in Coquina Juniors 2
1998-1999. I was the best bowler back then. But, now, bowlers who
are 4-8 years younger than me are taking over. It must be the equipment...

Since last year, I've had all kinds of problems getting my name on the
high scores sections of the standing sheet. Times when 200+ Games and
500+ Series would get on the sheet are, for the most part, history.

When the Youth/Adult League started, one of my goals was to bowl myself out of
obscurity. I remember being at the VERY top and then falling under. Maybe getting
myself out of this mess will help me regain some of the respect that I once had.

Now, here's what I've accomplished so far in the 2002 Youth/Adult League:

Priorities for Weekly Highs: None
Priorities for Season Highs: Game, Series, Hdcp. Game, Hdcp. Series
Ranks are for boys division

Week 2Weekly HighsSeason High
3rd HG, 2nd HHG, 1st HHS 1st HHS
Week 3Weekly HighsSeason High
None 1st HHS
Week 4Weekly HighsSeason High
3rd HS 1st HHS
Week 5Weekly HighsSeason High
None 3rd HHG
Week 8Weekly HighsSeason High
None 3rd HG
Week 9Weekly HighsSeason High
2nd HS 3rd HS
Week 12Weekly HighsSeason High
??? ???
HG: High Game, HS: High Series
HHG: High Hdcp. Game, HHS: High Hdcp. Series

It seems to me that more high scoring equals more respect. Can I get the
respect that I once had and now deserve?