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Coquina Lanes in Palm Coast, Florida has been my "home" bowling center
since moving up to Palm Coast from Coral Springs in 1991. It was originally
a 20 lane facility, expanded to 24 in 1995. An upgrade of the scoring
computers was put in place in Fall, 1995.

I have racked up 38 awards at Coquina Lanes. Here's what I've got.

League Highs with the last five balls I've had:

Ball High Game High Series High Finish Average
Rhino Pro (14lb) 202 512 137.056
Track Sensor/C (15lb) 204 533 156.128
Ebonite Wolf (16lb) 233 613 164.194
Brunswick Attitude1 (16lb) 246 650 169.652
Ebonite Pantera (16lb) 213 571 163.319

I'm usually a consistent bowler, but once in a while, I come out "on fire".
I usually bowl a big game or big series -- but they seem to come less often.
Maybe new equipment and a new shot will help.

In the leagues I bowl on, the scoring format for Wins and Losses is simple.
There are 3 games, and the team with the higher Handicap Game vs. the
opposing team wins one game. Play continues until 3 games are finished.
The team with the higher Handicap Series gets a 4th win. In the event
of a game or series tie, each team is given one-half win and one-half loss.

Top-3 League Highs in 2002:
Type 1st 2nd 3rd
Game 200 199 198
Series 547 528 522
Hdcp. Game 238 233 232
Hdcp. Series 650 646 631
Scores in green were acheived in the CJ2 2001-2002 Playoff.

Career marks in the Year 2002:

1. Has bowled a 400+ Series every week in league since September 13, 1997.
2. Hasn't sent the first ball into the channel in over four years.

At the end of the 2002 Youth/Adult League, my overall "consecutive weeks
bowled" streak is at 220. The streak in Coquina Juniors 2 is at 155.
That's why I call myself the "Iron Man."

My career highs
Type Score Date
Game 246 September 23rd, 2000
Series 650 September 23rd, 2000
Hdcp. Game 285 September 30th, 1995
Hdcp. Series 742 October 17th, 1998

Other oddball stats:

Start of Iron Man streak: June 3rd, 1996
First 200+ game: September 30th, 1995
More than one 200 in a season: 1998 Youth/Adult
More than one 200 in a series: July 20th, 1998
Two 200+ games in a row: September 23rd, 2000
Last <100 game: January 24th, 1998
First 500 series: May 20th, 1996
First 600 series: October 17th, 1998
Last <400 series: September 6th, 1997
Last foul: May 18th, 1997?
Last first-ball gutter: June 15th, 1998