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When I had 64MB RAM, I set up a 136MB swap file for 200MB of total
memory with the swap file. Now that I have 256MB of RAM, I don't
need a swap file. Windows 98 thinks otherwise with the following:
"Performance may be improved by enabling virtual memory." On a system
with not much memory, fine. But on a 256MB system, who needs it? --

1. Graphics designers, or the most obvious:
2. Running 50 programs at the same time, dropping the system resources to 5%

On my system, I would probably run out of resources before I run out
of memory.

I just don't understand how performance could be improved by enabling
the swap file. Maybe if I had 13GB of Flash RAM that performed just as
quickly as my SDRAM.

If you can't see the image, here's what it says:

Memory: 256.0MB of RAM
System Resources: 78% free
File System: 32-bit
Virtual Memory: Disabled
Disk Compression: Not Installed
PC Cards (PCMCIA): No PC Card sockets are installed.

Select an item, and then click Details for more information.
Performance may be improved by enabling virtual memory.