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Hmmm...where should I begin?

The GeForce2 GTS -- NVidia's awesome 3D graphics card is well --
awesome. With fill rates and triangle rates through the roof,
gaming at 60+FPS on high performance machines is possible, without
sacrificing image quality.

This particular GTS I've got has 32MB of DDR (double data rate) RAM,
and a TV output. This card is capable of over 1 billion texture
elements per second and can draw up to 25 million triangles per
second. This means that running games at high resolutions is not
only possible, but games that can take advantage of these high
resolutions are playable. Games that run at 60+FPS in 640x480
have a very good chance of running at 60+FPS in 1,280x960.

The result: Excellent image quality and liquid-smooth frame rates...

...even for the most demanding of games, while boasting full
compatibility with Direct3D and OpenGL.

I personally haven't tested many applications with this GeForce2 GTS,
but I am very impressed by it's capabilities, even though there are
faster GeForces out there.

As for some of the other cards I've encountered:

NVidia Riva TNT: Faster than the Vanta LT in some areas
Nvidia Vanta LT: On an Athlon 900, it's just as fast as a TNT on a K6-3/400
3dfx Voodoo2: Once untouchable, still very fast, but mine failed
3dfx Voodoo Graphics: Arcade machine proven
ATI Rage Pro: Not nearly as fast as the Voodoo2
S3 ViRGE (original): Is this really a 3D accelerator?

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