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Since the Summer of 1996, I wanted an inkjet printer because of higher
speeds and lower noise levels. I was looking to get a DeskJet 600, but
when the DeskJet 400 came out, it took out the 600, but the 400
was slower, held less paper, and didn't print as well as the 600.

In late March of 1997, I went to Best Buy to get an inkjet printer. I ran
into a used HP DeskJet 660Cse, but it had no ink cartridges and no power
cord, and I didn't want to wait a week for the power cord to come in.

I eventually wound up with the DeskJet 693C printer, the "Packard Bell" of
inkjet printers. It had lots of features. Unfortunately, it also had nothing
but problems. The black ink cartridge started failing to fire nozzles, and
repeated cleaning attempts failed. I knew that the cartridge wasn't empty,
because I know what an empty HP 51629A ink cartridge looks like. I ended up
getting a new cartridge. Shortly after, the whole printer failed. I ended up
exchanging it for a DeskJet 694C. The exchange was done, no questions asked.

14 days after bringing home the 694C, the black ink cartridge failed on
that printer too, so I just gave it up, because I knew that wouldn't be
the only problem. There was much difficulty in returning the printer. After
the dust settled, I left the store with an HP DeskJet 820Cse printer, a
printer that I know would last for more than 15 or so days. That was on
July 3rd, 1997. I still use this printer today. All 3 computers in the
house that I live in have HP DeskJet 820C series printers hooked up.

The HP DeskJet 690C Series printers - the "Packard Bell" of inkjet
printers. The 820C Series printers - nothing can stop them, except for the
1,000 page black/160 page color monthly duty cycle.

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