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This page contains some stuff about what's happening with me in the world of
computers since December 25, 1992.

Packard Bell Legend 316SX Computer
386DX-40 Computer
Cx486DLC-40 Upgrade
IBM 486SLC2-66 Upgrade
Beyond the 486
HP DeskJet 690C Series
Pentium MMX 166 Upgrade
3D Accelerators
APC Back-UPS 500
Pentium MMX/233?
AMD Athlon 1.1GHz
Maxtor DiamondMax D740X 40GB
More Upgrades
Looking towards the future
Nvidia Geforce2 GTS
Upgrade Log
What I Have
Images (Total: 109,753 bytes):

386DX-40 (10,909 bytes)
DX4-100 Motherboard (22,129 bytes)
EPoX P55-VX Motherboard w/ 6x86-P150+ CPU (21,498 bytes)
P55-VX Motherboard installed in full tower case (28,501 bytes)
Some various computer parts (mostly video related) (18,083 bytes)
Pentium MMX-233? (8,633 bytes)