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Here's more detailed information about the Bowling site section:

I know it sounds crazy that I would put up a bowling page to tell the world
how I'm doing in bowling, but that what I wanted to do and so the page exists.

After selecting the desired week on the main bowling page, a table shows how
I've been doing in the league I'm on right now. Right above the table, it
shows the league I'm on and what date the statistics in the table are based on.

In the table, the first line shows the Games and Series I've bowled. The 3
games are added up to get the Series.

The Total Score column shows my total score so far this season.

Average is determined by dividing Total Score by the number of games bowled.
In parenthesis, it shows how much my average has changed since the last week
I've bowled.

Rating is usually in a scale such as Very Poor, Poor, Below Average, Average,
OK, Above Average, Good, Pretty Good, Very Good, Great, and Excellent.
Sometimes there are exceptions depending on how I do.

The Team Rating is in the same scale as the rating for how I do. The Team
Win-Loss stat shows how many wins and losses my team had that week.

The Team Total Wins-Losses stat shows how many wins and losses my team has
for the season up to this point.

Place determines where my team is located in the standings. The format is
Current Position/Number of teams (such as 10th/20 for 10th place out of 20
teams). If my team is in 1st, it will show how much the lead is. Otherwise,
it will show how far behind my team is from 1st.

The text below the table shows what I did in all 3 games, a summary of that
week, and some more information.