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How my web site first started:
In 1996, the main guy at Orbiter Online put up a program called Web Blaster
on his system that allowed me to make my presence known on the Internet.
The first page I put up was a personal page. Since then, it has been a
personal site. I had a much slower computer then...a Cyrix 486DX4-100
with 8MB RAM. The site is now on Tripod's server.
How I created my Web page:
I used HotDog to create the base for my first page. The background was
originally based on the 256COLOR.BMP file that came with Windows 3.1.
Now, since then, I edit the pages by hand, using the DOS EDIT program.
The original page had two sections: the main part and the links.
Through the updates...
I have used a lot of images, backgrounds, "looks" for my web page, and
Web-counters. One of the first things I've done was putting the Home and
Links pages seperately. I don't use much HTML that I would call "advanced,"
other than using tables.

In the past, I had problems using web counters, but the web counter from
seems to work with good results.

The background used on this site is 203 bytes, and the largest image, besides
the photos of me, is 2,430 bytes. I have optimized this site for speed. I made
the whole site with one background/color scheme.

That's all for now.