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One of my Christmas gifts was going to be either a Diamond Monster 3D or a
Pentium MMX 166 CPU. I ended up with the CPU. I've heard about lots of CPU
upgrades, so I decided to give this one a shot. This involved replacing the
6x86-P150+ CPU previously onboard the EPoX P55-VX motherboard.

CPU installation was very easy, taking less than 10 minutes. However,
getting the memory to work right was a little different story. I tweaked
the settings a bit until the system booted up without problems.

A day or two later, I found out that a jumper failed, causing the
motherboard to run at 75MHz, and in turn, cause the CPU to run at
187.5MHz. I know that reliability doesn't improve when overclocking a CPU.
This was unintentional. I substituted a good jumper for the bad one, and
the motherboard returned to its normal 66MHz bus speed.

Now for what happened in WinTune 98 and Winstone 96. In WinTune 98, FPU
performance increased 122% and non-floating performance increased 42%.
Video performance was 16% faster in 640x480, 8 bit color depth.
RAM Read was 66% faster, but RAM Write was 63% slower, and RAM Copy
was 131% slower. The Winstone 96 score increased from 68.3 to 78.2.

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