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I got a 15" CTX VL500 monitor on December 25, 1997. Here's a comparison
between that and the 14" TTX CVP-5468A monitor.

TTX CVP-5468A: This is the monitor that came with the 386DX-40 computer. I
still have it. The specs show a maximum vertical refresh rate of 90Hz and
a maximum horizontal refresh rate of 38KHz. Yeah right. I can max out the
monitor at 72Hz at 640x480, 60Hz at 800x600, and 43.48Hz interlaced at
1,024x768, using "standard" custom refresh rates. "Smearing" occurs when
the vertical refresh rate is above 74Hz at up to 640x480. Even 320x200
smears at above 74Hz. I just call it that. 800x600 also has problems...I
always had to adjust the vertical size. At least this monitor is holding

CTX VL500: This monitor produces a sharper image than the 14" monitor, and
higher refresh rates are possible. The specs on this one are half right:
120Hz vertical refresh and 70KHz horizontal refresh. The maximum vertical
refresh rate that this monitor can achieve is 132.5Hz at up to 640x480,
112.5Hz at 800x600, 88Hz at 1,024x768, and 66.3Hz at 1,280x1,024. I can get
horizontal refresh rates up to 71KHz, usually 70.5. However, when the
horizontal refresh rate is above 55KHz, a dim stripe shows up on the
leftmost portion of the screen.

Both monitors have dot pitches of .28mm.

I used SciTech Display Doctor to find out the maximum refresh rates on the
CTX VL500.

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