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In late July 1998, I got an Intel Pentium MMX 233 CPU. Unfortunately, the CPU
turned out to be re-marked and I ended up getting an AMD K6-2/300 CPU
just a few days before Christmas, 1998.

About the Pentium MMX "233": I purchased the CPU from Winchester Computers
in Daytona Beach, Florida. The specs say that the CPU core is 3.2v, S-spec
SL27X. I don't remember any Pentium MMX CPU having a CPU core voltage of 3.2v.
When I installed the CPU and tried to run it at 233MHz, It had many problems.
200MHz ran fine, however.

The next day, I brought the chip back and got an identical replacement.
It ran at 233MHz more stabily, but not stable enough. On December 18th,
1998, I wrote a message to the Intel Pentium MMX newsgroup with
the subject "Pentium MMX 233?". The next day, I got a response from
another person saying that it's re-marked. Its actual specs were the
following: 166MHz, S-spec SL27K. On the next day, I returned the CPU and
got a full refund, no-questions-asked. The owner of Winchester Computers said
that they'll check it out on December 21st, 1998.

If you have an Intel Pentium MMX 233 CPU with an S-spec of SL27X, exchange
it for a legitimate Intel Pentium MMX 233 CPU

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