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The power supply is the one component that many think as "one size fits all."
In today's world of computers with 2-Gigahertz CPUs, AGP 4x-based 3D video,
multiple hard drives and CD burners, and much more, the power supply must
be able to supply clean power or problems will result.

That's why the power supply is upgraded more often in PCs today than it was
in the past. Then again, in the past, power supplies were just "replaced," not
upgraded. With more devices requiring more power, a bigger power supply becomes
a necessity for system stability.

I was victimized with the fact that most of my recent crashes have come from
a result of an underpowered power supply, so I got myself an Enermax EG365P-VE
350W supply. Designed for just about every type of application, this supply
supports nearly everything. It has the P4 connectors and eight Molex connectors
(the ones used for hard drives, CD drives, fans, etc...). Also included, in
addition to the standard exhaust fan on the supply, is an additional intake fan
mounted on the bottom. It supplies clean power, promoting system stability with
lots of devices.

Has the Pentium 4 connectors
Temperature sensor controls fan speed
8 molex connectors

Super long wires -- best suited for full towers

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