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Looking towards the future...

Possible upgrade 1: More RAM. Plain and simple. More RAM equals more speed,
especially in Microsoft's bloated operating systems. Will they ever code an OS
entirely in assembly, besides one that does nothing?

Possible upgrade 2: A faster CD burner. I was able to use a 16x burner to burn
an entire 74 minute CD at full speed on a P2-266 with no buffer underruns.
It definitely makes my 2x burner look pathetic. Only problem now is where
to find 74's in volume...

Possible upgrade 3: A 10/100Mbps network card. Essential for broadband and
for connection sharing with computers and enabling network play on PlayStation2
consoles through its USB network adapter.

Possible upgrade 4: A faster printer. HP DeskJet 990Cse or Lexmark Z53. 6.5ppm
in black on my "barely supported" DeskJet 820 seems slow now.

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