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March 20, 1993: The wait was FINALLY over. A shiny new 386DX-40 computer
with 4MB RAM and a 130MB HDD. Unfortunately, the video card that came with
the system was a Trident 8900C. It performs very poorly and supports only
color bit depths up to 8-bit.

A month or so later, the motherboard was replaced for an unknown reason.
The replacement had a weird problem in which the real-time clock would run
3 times faster than normal if the computer were switched off and back on
when the components were warmed up.

The first upgrade to the system was a Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16.

The second upgrade was a 210MB Western Digital Caviar 1210 hard drive. It
was good, until I pulled out pins from the power connector 3 years later.

The next document has information about the first big upgrade to the system.

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