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In July of 1992, my grandma got a 386SX-20 computer with 2MB RAM and an
80MB hard drive. She sold it 5 years later. Later in '92, I wanted a computer
that was about the same as my grandma's 386SX-20, but with a 100MB
HDD instead of 80.

The result: A Packard Bell Legend 316SX: a 386SX-25 computer with 2MB
RAM, and a 102MB ST-3120A HDD. In February, 1993, the system was upgraded
from 2MB to 4MB of RAM.

On February 28, 1993, I had a birthday party. One of the gifts I got was a
joystick. Later that day, when I plugged it in while the computer was on,
the motherboard keyboard port went. The use of another keyboard confirmed the
problem. I needed a new motherboard. After I talked to the tech support people
about the problem, someone would come with a motherboard and install it...

To add insult to injury: Instead of someone coming to replace the motherboard,
PB called back and told that the motherboard was backordered. My parents
returned the computer shortly after. I was forced to use the 386SX-20 computer
for quite awhile. On March 20, 1993, I got a 386DX-40 computer, and a month
later, the motherboard for the Packard Bell Legend 316SX (the computer that
was returned) finally came in.

I will NEVER buy another Packard Bell computer again.

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