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Here's what my computer has:

Internal parts:

FIC AZ11 Motherboard
AMD Athlon 1.1 Gigahertz CPU
256MB of 8ns PC100 SDRAM (two 128MB)
40.0GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus D740X HD
12.9GB IBM Deskstar DTTA-371290 HD
Kenwood 72x TrueX CD-ROM drive
Memorex CRW-1622 CD-RW drive
3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive
NVidia GeForce2 GTS AGP card with 32MB of DDR RAM
Lucent PCI 56k WinModem
Two additional fans (one up front, and one in the rear)

The equipment is in my Enlight 7237 ATX mid tower case with
an Enermax EG365P-VE 350 watt power supply.

External parts:

CTX VL700 17" monitor
Samsung TXG2547 25" television
Two Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 820Cse printers
IBM 101 key keyboard (the real good one)
Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical
InterAct Raider Pro Digital joystick
Microtek ScanMaker V310

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